About Sanam

_MG_2755I’m Sanam Pejuhesh. I offer play therapy to children, as well as parenting support  for the adults who love them. 

I am excited to bring my passion for life and growth, as well as my experience, to the work I do with children and families. I have been working with children for over twenty years in a variety of settings including schools and alternative programs for children with emotional and behavioral challenges, the Children’s Hospital of Oakland with children with chronic disease, as well as with families with children with special needs children. I have a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley and an MA from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in Integral Counseling Psychology . I have been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the cutting edge leaders in the field of Play Therapy. In 2009 I completed an intensive Play Therapy training with Drs. Byron and Carol Norton. I am a certified Synergetic Play Therapist. I am trained in EMDR and utilize it with my clients to strengthen their internal resources and process and integrate stress and trauma. I work hard to keep my training and education current with the latest research and developments in Play Therapy and child development.

I believe that fostering our passions gives us a medium to make deeper connections with ourselves and others. My greatest passion is being a parent to my daughter and connecting with my family. I also love spending time active in the outdoors, skiing, running, climbing and practicing yoga.

Like so many individual seeking counseling, I have experienced the struggles and stresses that life can present us; thus, I know that therapy is a priceless source of support and comfort in difficult times. In my practice, I am fully committed to the well-being of my clients. I am dedicated to providing the highest level of support and compassion, while creating a space in which my clients can feel, explore, learn, grow and heal.