Individual Therapy

I believe that both adults and children intrinsically possess all that is needed to live happy, fulfilling lives. Often, however, we have not learned the way to reach within ourselves and access these gifts. We find ourselves feeling stuck in old patterns, restless, anxious or unhappy. Problems arise in our lives and relationships that leave us feeling depressed, angry and helpless. These feelings are telling us something, but we often don’t know how to listen and learn from them. When we have a relationship that allows us to feel truly heard and understood, we can tap into the strength we have to grow, expand, heal and create. As a therapist I want to help you re-connect with these gifts so that you can nurture happiness within your life.

I work with a non-judgmental, holistic approach. I offer you a compassionate and accepting presence that allows you to be any way you need to be in this moment.  As therapist and client, we work together to create awareness of the present moment, because it is in the here-and-now that we can facilitate change and foster healing. Through our collaborative relationship you will learn to understand, accept and re-integrate all the parts of yourself, in order to create profound and sustainable changes.