Nothing is actually wrong!!

All my life when someone was having emotions my response was, “What’s wrong?” I didn’t second-guess it, this was just my understanding of emotions. If you’re emotional, something must be wrong. Can anyone relate?! 

Yet, as a sensitive little girl, I had big emotions ALL the time! So what this meant was that if I was emotional, there was something wrong with me. Internalized this and boy did it wreak havoc on a lot of my life over the years. 

Until I started working with children and realizing that so many of them have big sensitivities and feel things profoundly And then I realized…there’s nothing wrong at all! We have emotions and that’s OK! 

Our culture has equated emotionality with meaning that something is “wrong” with people when they’re emotional. But that is what’s wrong—not anything about the emotions.

Emotions are a biological part of our nervous system reacting to something we experience. They’re normal and we ALL have them!

Some of us do feel them bigger than others. We’re called Highly Sensitive People. We’re the healers, the artists, the teachers, the empaths, the intuitives… we’re all around, yet society hasn’t fully embraced us and upheld our gifts…YET 🙂 

If you are raising a sensitive child. A kiddo who feels his/her feelings deeply and is more affected by the “little things”, you’re not alone. And I’d love to have you join us in my upcoming course: Thrive: Raising Sensitive Children Masterclass

Because when we learn and teach children to harness the beauty and power of our emotions, they become our super power! And we can use them to create so much goodness and beauty in our lives.

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