Camp Connect

A summer program for teaching children social skills and emotional regulation just in time for back to school

Camp Connect was created in 2012 when we were seeing a deep need in our clients for more guidance and support with social skills and emotional regulation. At the core of these important skills is the child’s ability to love, accept and be kind to him/herself. As we develop a loving and accepting relationship with ourselves, we become more capable of taking these skills and offering them into our relationships with others. From these ideas, Camp Connect was born.

Children, ages 5-8, will spend five fun and active days playfully learning about feelings, exploring mindfulness, forming and keeping friendships, accepting differences and recognizing strengths, self-awareness, self-acceptance, personal space, bullying and more. Each day’s activities include art, music, yoga, outside game and play time, feelings journals, stories, puppets and much more. Experts in a number of areas including yoga and music therapy work with the children to help them integrate these vital life skills in creative and interactive ways.

Camp Connect will be co-facilitated by Sanam Pejuhesh, LPC, RPT and Mia Bertram, LPC, RPT. Both Mia and Sanam are licensed psychotherapists in private practice who specialize in Play Therapy. Each has been working with children and families for over 20 years. They each offer a compassionate presence and a deep understanding of brain development and emotional regulation to their work as counselors and educators. For more information on Mia visit For more information on Sanam visit the About Sanam page of this website.

Please contact or 303-717-1749 for all camp information and to register.
Then please send in your payment, the completed registration form and waiver for each child (links below) to:

Colorado Play Therapy and Parenting Support
2845 Wilderness Place, Suite 208
Boulder, CO 80301

Camp Connect Registration Form
Camp Connect Waiver

Please note, your registration is not secure until we have received your payment.


$400 per child
$375 for the second child in the same family

**Cancellation Policy: Families can receive a refund, minus $50 processing fee, for all cancellations made one month before the start date of camp. Four weeks to two weeks from the start date of camp, families can receive a 50% refund. No refunds available as of two weeks before the start date of camp or for missed days of camp.


“I cannot say enough good things about Camp Connect.  My daughter went the summer before starting Kindergarten and continues to use the skills she learned there on a daily basis.  A few examples of the messages that stuck for her are how to say what she feels, how to take space when she needs it and how to empathize with others.  These skills will serve her for her entire life.  More importantly, the care, knowledge and communication of the instructors well exceeded my expectations.  I felt as though they truly paid attention and gave me incredible feedback of how to support and encourage my daughter to be a socialized and emotionally intelligent human being.  I recommend this camp to any and all parents.”      -camp participant parent

“My then six year old attended Camp Connect last summer, and it was hands-down his favorite camp of the season; in fact, it is the only one he has asked to return to this summer. We expected that he’d feel mildly unenthused (feelings camp??), but slog through. To our surprise and delight, Camp Connect utterly captivated him. He loved the daily feelings check-in, knowing that Sanam and Mia were really paying attention to how he felt and wanting to explore those feelings further in a way that felt safe and fun. He also loved the art and yoga, as well as the opportunity to meet other kids his age who were on the same journey of exploring who they are. He is a kid who recognizes that he sometimes has big feelings, and Camp Connect helped give him skills to express those feelings in a safe, productive way. He’s carried forward so many of the skills he learned, proudly reminding us in tricky moments of what he learned from Sanam and Mia. And he’s asked to come back this summer… Our tool basket definitely didn’t include what Sanam and Mia provided, and we’re really grateful that our son will enter second grade with this experience freshly under his belt.” -camp participant parent