Empathic Parenting Support and Education Group begins April 9

Would you like to…

• Understand your child’s behavior in new and deeper ways
• Learn about attachment and how this impacts our relationships with our kids
• Know how taking care of yourself is actually an incredible service to your child
• See the ways your child triggers the parts of you that are in need of healing
• Shift what you focus on in your child, so that her strengths become the foreground of your interactions
• Meet, share stories and get invaluable support from fellow parents and caretakers

Join me for an 8-week group and experience for parents who want to increase empathy, understand their children and show up more fully in relationships with their kids and beyond.

When: April 9=May 28, Monday evenings 7=8:30 pm
We will meet for eight sessions with the possibility of continuing on.

Where: 2346 Broadway St., Boulder 80304 (between Mapleton and High)

Cost: $150 per person, $250 per couple

Parents who may need to miss some weeks may also pay a fee of $20 per session. Attendance at first session is highly encouraged.

How to join: Contact Sanam at 303-717-1749 or sanam@play-to-heal.com

“Sanam’s Empathetic Parenting Support and Education group created a nuturing and compassionate enviornment in which parents could process the challenges and joys of parenting.  Also, Sanam’s warm presence helped provide the space and safety in which each parent could open to their own inner work to allow the opportunity for us to be more authentic and fully present as parents. I would highly recommend this group to any parent who would like to deepen their understanding and acceptance of their child(ren), as well as themselves.”        ~Khristine R. (group veteran)

Sanam Pejuhesh, MA is a play therapist and psychotherapist in Boulder with over 20 years of experience working with children and families. She works with kids (3-11), families and adult individuals, believing that with compassion and connection, all humans (young and old) can access their innate capacity for healing and growth.