[Our daughter] seems wonderful to us!  She is even so much more flexible on eating times and seems much more balanced.  She still gets mad at me, but I can bring her back through conversation and relatively quickly.  So much improvement!!  Great work Sanam!!  We feel so very fortunate to have found you and will always be grateful for all your help and support for [our daughter].  You have a rare and beautiful gift for helping these little people.


I really want to quickly reiterate how grateful I am to have you in our family’s circle. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping us become better parents to [our children]. My son is living a happier life because of your help and even when we have set-backs… I am confident that he will be OK. That is a great feeling.


“Sanam is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of her clients and really feels inspired by helping people figure out what is most meaningful to them. Sanam sees the health in individuals and constantly strives to help them see their own innate health and wisdom. She is a gift to the counseling field and to the families that she comes in contact with.”

Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S
Play Therapy Colorado

“Sanam’s work is a reflection of her passion for life and for people. She brings a sense of warmth, openness, spontaneity and compassion to her work as a therapist. She is committed to helping both children and adults tap into their inner resources in order to heal and grow.”

Betty Cannon, PhD
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

“Sanam is a gentle soul who is able to connect with children in such a natural way. Her deep listening skills and authentic concern for children shine through in all her work. Children readily connect with her. She truly was meant to be in a profession that supports and promotes children.”

Pantea Dunn, MSN, PNP
My Parent Partner Parent Coaching

“Sanam’s way of interacting with young people is calm and steady— but always fun! Sanam was able to bring my ‘special needs’ son out of his shell, and helped him develop into a confident young man. She has impressed me with her responsibility and creativity time and again. I would trust Sanam with anything.”


“Sanam does a beautiful job of translating new brain science into palatable information and specific strategies for parents, teachers and caregivers.  We were so fortunate to have her inspire conversation in our community regarding stress and trauma in young children.”

Michele Beach
Preschool Director, Parent

“Your thoughtful explanation of how the human brain works within the context of what we’re contemplating for our family’s behavior represented a watershed moment for me… I can now differentiate between the various qualities that represent our family’s collective mindset. This is the key to me being a more empathetic parent on a number of new levels. With your guidance in hand, I feel like I now have a toolset for improving the energy in our house — not only for our kids, but for us parents too.”